Rihanna is a Icon

I have been a big fan of Rihanna since her first song hit Pon de Replay. She has grown to be a triple threat. Not only is she a talented singer and fashionista but a great actress.  She stared in the movie Battleship.  As her career continue to grow she has made a lot of good risks with her hair,makeup and of course fashion taste. She has shown the world that Rihanna is not just a great performer but she  knows how to dress. Her music and fashion relate to one another. She is still that sweet girl from Barbados  but with an edginess  You got to love her for taking fashion risks because they sure have paid off. With a perfect body like Rihanna she is every designers dream. She will work anything she wears. Not only did she perform at Victoria Secret Fashion Show this year. But she walked that runway. This Spring 2013 Rihanna has a competition show called Styled to Rock on style network. This show will give 12 deserving designers a chance of a life time to become the next celebrity designer and get to design something for Rihanna. Now who wouldn’t want that? This multi-platinum artist can do no wrong. I’m sure she has more up her sleeves. She continues to surprise her fans and I can’t wait to see what else Rihanna has planned!

rihanna      Rihanna-Victoria-Secret-Fashion-Show-2012


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