Beyoncé and Inauguration Day Performances!

Hey readers; I went to the Inauguration Public Swearing Ceremony at the Washington Capital and I have to say it was cold but amazing! The Ceremony was this past Monday January 21,2013 not only was this the swearing ceremony for Obama who was re-elected twice. But it was MLK birthday!  There was so many people from all over to the world! The Obama’s family were looking fashionable but professional who said you can’t mix both? You sure can. Kelly Clarkson performed and I have to say I think this was her best live performance in a long time. She really singed her heart out. My girl ah oh ah oh.. Beyoncé looked and sound beautiful singing the National Anthem! Her dress OMG I loved it. I mean anything this girl wears is flawless. It’s very important in the fashion world that don’t let the dress wear you,let you wear the dress! Clearly she was doing  just that. Her dress fit her like a glove.  Here are some pictures I found that capture this historical day!

Washington Post Beyonce-dress-in-Inauguration-2013



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