Beyoncé Superbowl Performance!

Hey guys all I have to say is OMG Destiny Child is back. I loved how they had pictures of fans showing off there coke spirt to countdown until Beyoncé performed. Beyoncé performance last night was amazing. She singed her old classic songs like Baby Boy ft Sean Paul to her more reacent song Countdown from her 4 album. But what this made this performance memoriable is when Kelly and Michelle popped up on the stage. They performed their hit song Independent Women. I don’t know about you guys but I was with those fans in spirit screaming and dancing my butt off at home, when I saw Destiny Child appear up. I was so excited to see them perform again. It brought so many memiories. GO DESTINY CHILD. That was a killer performance and the set up was perfect.I’m hoping that this will mean a Destiny Child tour after all they are working on a album.  I was so blessed enough to have met the guy that made not only Rihanna first cover of Vogue dress but also made Beyoncé dancers outfits. I know you are dying to know who this guys is his name is Kenny mainly known as House of Kas. He is fashionable,confedient and is an amazing designer. He has worked with big names like Trey Songz. I went to his opening for his new store location in Georgetown at FNO. He was such a funny and friendly guy. I hope one day I can life up close to his accomplishments. Hopefully my prayers will come true. Here are some pictures and videos from the Halftime performance and me with House of Kas designer.



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