Fashion 360 Conference!

Cameron Silver Flyer

 Fashion 360 Keynote Speaker is Cameron Silver of Decades and Star of Bravo TV’s Dukes of Melrose. Our Fashion 360 Motivational Speaker is Lindsey Mask Founder and Executive Director of Ladies America. Fashion 360 is held annually and offers a breadth of content for design, beauty, blogging, modeling, marketing, operating as a fashion business and branding.

Our Schedule: September 22, 2013

10:00 AM – Welcome Reception & Breakfast

10:30 AM – Conference Welcome & Openining Remarks

10:40 AM – Motivational Speaker- Lindsey Mask

11:00 AM – Fashion Break

11:05 AM – Business of Blogging Breakout Session (The panel of experts will discuss how to keep your originality while expanding your reach and providing more engaging content for your readers. It delves into the various sources you can use to collaborate, book deals and manage your blog as a business.)

Panelist: Makeda Saggau-Sackey – Glamazon Diaries, Nicole Giordano -StartUp Fashion, Erin Bailey – Scandalous Beauty, Lianne Farbes – The Makeup Girl

11:05 AM – Business of Beauty Breakout Session (A panel discussion from industry experts on the latest beauty trends and how to predict trends, how to amplify the services you offer as a beauty provider, skin care, how to overcome the difficulties of freelance work, how to work with major brands and celebrity clients and what consumers are truly looking for in beauty experts.)

Panelist: Kara Manos – Politics of Pretty, Tim Coburn – Tim Coburn Photography, Aleah Rae Dorsey – ShapeUp Your Makeup, Ada Polla – Alchimie-Forever

11:05 AM – Amtrak‘s Business of Fashion Design Breakout Session (This informative workshop discusses ways to increase foot traffic to your store front, pop-up shops, investors, law, branding, client outreach, business management and so much more.)

Panelist: Kelechi Kalu – Forever 21, Melissa McGraw – The Fashion Potential, Jason Elias Gonzalez – The Tailored Man, Ebong Eka – CPA, Mariessa Terrell – SBC IP Law Group, Uyen Tang – Style Cable

12:00 PM– Complimentary Lunch sponsored by Carmine‘s & Lunch Challenge

1:00 PM – Lunch Challenge Q&A

1:20 PM– Social Media/PR/Marketing Panel (You have joined every social media program possible, information about your brand has saturated the market, people are informed, but no action is taking place. Our panelists will give you the tools needed to turn your marketing efforts into business growth.)

Panelist: Gerilyn Manago – Men’s Health, Veronika Sonsev – inSparq, Whitney Stringer – Publicist, Peter Chun – SwaagIt, Dameila Shaw – Destination DC, Kristie Hale – Impulse Design Group, Nova Lorraine – Raine Magazine

1:20 PM– Business of Styling Breakout Session (This workshop outlines the key aspects of the styling business and how to stay in business with celebrity clients, leading brands and magazines.)

Panelist: Cameron Silver – Decades, Joey Wolffer – The StyleLiner, Christopher Hogan – Off The Cuff, Naina Singla – Style’n

2:20 PM– Networking Break

2:40 PM – Fashion 360 Round Table Discussions (Your chance to have a more in depth conversation with the conference Panelist)

3:30 PM– Networking Break

3:40 PM – Keynote Speaker – Cameron Silver

4:10 PM – Bulldog Gin Networking Party

You don’t want to miss out on such a great opportunity to meet new people in the fashion industry who knows you can open a new door for yourself! There are tickets still left hurry up and get them! Go to and purchase your ticket. You won’t regret it!


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