New Year Brand New Post! Nail Art


You will need – a plastic/disposable cup, some room temperature bottled water, a toothpick, some tape, paper towel, your chosen polishes, acetone, and a cleanup brush.

1)For a base coat to do your water marbling on, I would use a light colored base coat instead of white as it helps hide some blemishes where as with a white base it shows. But you can use white if you want.   

2)Put sticky tape around your fingers as shown to reduce the cleanup process afterwards. 

3)Fill cup with room temperature bottled or filtered water (avoid using normal tap water as it effects the polish and doesn’t end well). 

4)Next grab your chosen polishes (use polishes that are slower drying as they work the best, may require trial and error to find which polishes work well and which to avoid) start putting one drop at a time of your chosen polishes in any order you like in the center of each ring and continue until you form a bulls-eye. 

5)Using a toothpick create a design you like, make sure to clean the toothpick on a paper towel each time so polish doesn’t build up on the toothpick.     

6)When you have a design you like place a finger (or two) over the water marble and align it to where you like. 

7)Slowly dip your finger right in and hold it there under the water so as not to wreck your design. 

8)Blow on the water to dry the polish a little then grab your toothpick and use the other end to remove the excess polish on the water. 

9)Once that is done slowly remove your finger and blow on it to remove the water that may be sitting on your nail to try get rid of little bubbles on you design. 

10)Slowly remove the tape and use your cleanup brush with acetone to clean around your cuticles. 

*Use a good topcoat over your designs and you’re done 🙂 You can follow Shannen on instagram @nailswithshannen ! You will see more of her nail art designs on here of course!”)

Final Look



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