Birthday Mani Nail Art by Shannen

Birthday Mini step-by-step

You will need

-3 bright colored nail polishes (I used china glaze- Neon & on & on, too Yacht to Handle and Flip Flop Fantasy)

-fast drying top coat

-glitter (I used a fine pink glitter)

-neon studs (you can use nail polish colors instead dotted on if you don’t have any studs)

-dotting tool


-nail polish remover & clean up brush

-piece of paper (to reduce amount of mess)



1) Paint your base coat and let dry

2) Grab your loose glitter and paint your ring finger with clear polish. While wet spoon on some glitter or pour on, make sure to do it over the piece of paper so as not to make a mess (which can be poured back into the jar afterwards)

3)  Grab your tape and cut little bits and place on the nail how you like. This will ensure you get polish only in areas you want

4) Use one of your two remaining colors and paint to cover the area you want. Let sit for a short time, while it’s still a bit wet carefully peel the tape off.

5) Continue with the remaining nails leaving out your thumb and ring finger

6) Use your last color and repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 but put at different angles so as not to hide the previous color too much

7) With acetone and clean up brush clean your cuticles of any polish that may have Horton on your skin

8) Gather together your neon studs, with a dotting tool dip the end in some clear polish and dab where you will be placing the neon studs.

9) Clean the dotting tool a bit so it’s not too sticky and touch the top of a stud it should stick to the end of the dotting tool, quickly place on top of where you placed a small dot of clear polish and it should stick

10) Continue to do this to place all studs

11)  Last apply top coat over all nails to protect it and help the studs adhere to the nails better

*Follow Shannen on instagram @nailswithshannen 

Final Look



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