Elegant Valentine’s Day Inspired Nail Art by Shannen! (Second Look)

You will need:
– OPI liquid sand-Pussy galore (can be substituted for any pink polish)
-OPI liquid sand- Solitaire (can substitute for any white polish)
-Fresh paint- sugar crush
-any clear topcoat

Step by step:
1) Paint all nails except your ring fingers with your chosen pink polish, may require up to 3 coats. Let dry in between coats

2) Use your white polish and paint your ring finger nails the same way as you did the rest of your nails

3) Add clear topcoat to the ring finger nail and quickly place the charm on and push down so it adheres well. Do the same on the other hand

4) Using fresh paint- sugar crush paint over all nails you painted pink to create a beautiful effect

5) When dry add topcoat to all nails accept your ring fingers and your done!


*You can purchase the nail charm here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/310797449187 and make sure to follow Shannen on instagram @nailswithshannen


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