Valentine’s Day Inspired Nail Art by Shannen! (First Look)

You will need:
-3 polishes (two normal and one shatter type polish) I used OPI- do you lilac it? pink shatter  and Covergirl-lav-endure
-Black acrylic paint
-Thin detail brush

Step by step: 1) Paint all nails except your ring fingers with a polish of your choice. 

2) Now paint your ring fingers with a lighter shade polish 

3) When dry, place bits of tape diagonally on each nail except your ring finger. This will help you create a straight line with the shatter polish 

4) With your shatter polish, paint over the parts of the nails not covered in tape, when done slowly remove the tape. 

5) Using your detail brush and some black acrylic paint, draw a heart in the middle of your ring finger nail and let dry (if you happen to make a mistake you can use some water and paper towel to wipe away and start again)  

6) When dry start cutting and placing small bits of tape around the heart, this will help you get the shatter polish only in the area you want 

7) Paint over the heart with the shatter polish and slowly begin removing the little bits of tape 

*When done add a top coat to help protect your mani and you’re done! Follow Shannen on Instagram @nailswithshannen   

photo 1Download photo 2.PNG (74.8 KB)



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