Nail Art Designs by Shannen!

Step-by-step St. Patrick day Mani
1) Paint base coat white on all nails (I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls) let dry
2) Use a green glitter topper polish and paint over all nails except your ring finger nails (I used Peitas Polish Peppermint Lane)
3) With a tiny nail art brush and some green acrylic paint start to draw a four leaf clover on your ring finger nails. Start by drawing four lines like a cross that don’t touch in the center.
4) Next start to form your leaf shapes in the shape of a heart. When you are happy with your leaf let dry.
5) Attempt drawing the clover on your other hand by being really careful or get a friend to do it for you. If you make mistakes when its still wet just wipe away with tissue and water
6) When all nails are dry, add topcoat to protect all your nails.
You are now ready to celebrate St. Patrick day! Make sure to follow Shannen on Instagram @nailswithshannen

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