The Shoot Women Artist Spotlight: Andrea

Happy Friday guys, I got the chance to interview this cool artist by the name of Andrea Carew-Reid. Make sure to follow her on Instagram @artbyandreacr and website

1)   When did you know you wanted to be an artist?                                                                                     

I knew I wanted to be an artist since I began to understand the ways of the world. In primary school Art was the only class I put 101% effort into.

2)   Are you a full time artist or are you involved with other creative jobs?                                       

I am really lucky; I get to be involved in a creative environment all day. I am also a part-time art teacher. However, making art my full time career is defiantly a long term goal.

3)   What has been the most rewarded achievement for you as being an artist?                           

As a teacher of art and also an artist it is so rewarding to be able to encourage children and teenagers to realize their artistic potential. They really value what you have to say when they see your work, and think ‘OK she must be the real deal’. When they do something that you have taught them and they are proud of their own work, there is no better feeling.                                                                                                                  

4)   What message do you want to give out to the world with your artwork?                                      

I am really inspired by the idea of life, death and time, and all the little things, however mundane that constitute our lives. I like to remind myself everyday that life is precious and I enjoy making artworks that communicate this thinking.

5)   Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be in your shoes?                               

Believe in yourself!! If you love art and enjoy making art then get working. The more work you make, the more the ideas flow and you will find your niche. The more you get involved with it, the more you don’t want to stop!

Creatures of the Night - Yellow

Creatures of the Night by Andrea Carew-Reid

Fight for the Fruits of Life

Fight for the Fruits of Life by Andrea Carew-Reid

Go to Your Own Flow (Solo) - Yellow

Go to Your Own Flow (Solo) by Andrea Carew-Reid

The Wait

The Wait by Andrea Carew-Reid

The King

The King by Andrea Carew-Reid

The Look

The Look by Andrea Carew-Reid

Life is Too Short for Boring - Summer Floral

Life is Too Short for Boring-Summer Floral by Andrea Carew-Reid









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