The Shoot Women Artist Spotlight: Sofie

1)   What’s your name and where are you from?

My artist name is Artisoof, which means artistic and “Soof” is how friends always call me. I live and work in Groningen, a city at the very north of Holland.

 2)   When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was always looking for the beauty in things, not only on the outside but also even more on the inside. I am a thinker who needs art to express her self and to assimilate the world. So it is not really wanting to be but more a “needing” to be.

 3)   Are you a full time artist or are you involved with other creative jobs?

Besides art I also got my master degree in Psychology. I combine art and psychology in creative therapy and coaching. Art is a very accessible way to express yourself and to move away from all the things happening in your mind and closer to your deeper consciousness. Art can give you insights about yourself, which you cannot get through reasoning. In my workshop I also guide mentally and psychically disabled people who need some extra accompaniment and I offer creative courses for groups, like bachelor parties or team building.

 4)   What has been the most rewarded achievement for you as being an artist?

I really love that, without advertisement, people outside my own network come to me for assignments, creative coaching and courses. Every time I notice someone likes and appreciates my art and my work I find the greatest feeling of reward and achievement. Art is a vulnerable piece of myself, which is open for discussion and opinions. I identify with the things I make, so receiving positive feedback from costumers is what makes my work so rewarding.

 5)   What message do you want to give out to the world with your artwork?

I am inspired by a semi realistic world, my own reality. I think every human being has his or her own twist to reality because we all look at the world from our own perception. I like to think that every reality is different and we should look at it without judgment. Living without any kind of judgment is a great challenge but at least worth trying!

 6)   Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be in your shoes?

Just as with other kind of businesses, art takes time. It takes time for people to notice you, so work hard and be patient!

Peacock Painting by Artisoof

Peacock Painting by Artisoof

Miss lollipop by Artisoof

Miss lollipop by Artisoof

 Missis Moss by Artisoof

Missis Moss by Artisoof

Art by Artisoof

Smoker by Artisoof

Artist: Artisoof

Artist: Artisoof

Make sure to check out her website: ,Facebook: , and Instagram: @artisoofnederland



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