Soul.eil Pop-Up Shop was a success!

On Sunday June 15, 2014 The Shoot Fashion LLC was one of the sponsors and main photographer for Soul.eil Pop-Up shop launch. Soul.eil is a online vintage wear for men and women. If your a vintage lover like myself and want to wear clothes that look like something Solange would wear, than you must shop at Soul.eil. You can just tell that the designer is influenced by hippie vintage wear and African and Indian culture clothing. The colorful patterns and vibrant prints in their clothing, will catch anyone’s eyes. I’m all about paying attention to details and even there venue was perfect for a vintage pop-up shop. They transformed Queens Cafe into a beautiful Indian/Egyptian vintage inspired venue. I was really amazed at how fabulous everything looked. I know what your thinking, “well Redeait I didn’t get a chance to make it”. Not to worry your in luck, I was told there will be monthly pop-up shops in the near future for Soul.eil. Make sure to check out Soul.eil on their website , Instagram soul.eil , Tumblr , CEO/Founder Facebook .

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