Summertime Floral Mani!

Nail Art by Shannen!

You will need:
-Two summer colors (I used O.P.I Strawberry margarita and China Glaze Lemon Fizz)
-Clear fast drying top coat
-Dotting tool
-Sliced fimo cane flowers (can be found on Ebay in many designs)
Step by step
-First paint your base with your darker color, I used Strawberry Margarita by O.P.I. Make sure to leave an accent nail as we will be using your other chosen color for that nail.
-Now use your lighter color to paint your accent, I used Lemon Fizz by China Glaze
-Allow your base to dry
-When dry dab your dotting tool in some clear coat and dab a spot on your nail where you would like to put a flower.
-Use tweezers to pick up the flower slice and place on top of where you dabbed the clear coat  and push down on it.
-Continue to do this until you are happy with the look of your nails
-Now you can either leave it like this or apply a thick layer of topcoat to protect your mani to make it last longer and you are done! 🙂
photo 1

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