SheROCKS Event in DC this Saturday! Celebrate Women’s History Month

SheROCKS Celebrates its Fourth Year During Women’s History Month!
The Nation’s Best Emerging Talent in Arts, Music, Fashion and Business to be Recognized

Washington, D.C., March 7, 2016 – SheROCKS – Washington, D.C.’s premiere Women’s History Month showcase – will be held on Saturday, March 26, 2016, at the District Architecture Center from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. In its fourth year, SheROCKS celebrates emerging and established women thriving in business and the arts. Annually, SheROCKS highlights 14 influencers through performances and visuals and aims to accelerate support amongst female entrepreneurs. SheROCKS also honors women displaying pioneering efforts within their respective industries that have influenced and impacted the success of others. SheROCKS’ participants excel domestically in arts, music, fashion, and business.

SheROCKS’ host, entrepreneur, Periscope phenomenon and founder of 1K One Day Academy and, Nicole “ScOprah” Walters, will engage attendees with her infectious personality while they enjoy live acts, art installations, beauty services and sweet treats. SheROCKS’ honorees and categories include: Woman of the Year, Deanna Jefferson, Graphic Artist of the Year, Meagan Ward, Industry Power Player of the Year, Natasha Malaihollo, Filmmaker(s) of the Year, Devin Shepard & Nora Unkel of Wild Obscura Films, Photographer of the Year, Carla Taylor, Choreographer of the Year, Poca Danja, and Designer of the Year, Sabrina Heim.

Timea Gaines, Creator of SheROCKS, and founder of brand strategy firm, Love Life Media, LLC, recently revealed her bout with Stage 2 breast cancer to family, friends and the industry via an interview with Women’s Elevation Magazine. Gaines credits SheROCKS with fueling her recovery stating:

“Planning SheROCKS during chemo gave me a reason to push through because I knew there were women who were counting on me. My hopes are that from the story of my struggle and survival, women will take away that they can not only overcome anything but more importantly, they can DO anything! All it takes is determination and a set mind. I made up my mind to fight cancer like a boss so that I could see the dreams of women ignited through our event.”

On why Gaines started SheROCKS:

“My only goal when launching this event was to celebrate women in male-dominated industries, to let them know that they are not just “good for a girl” but that they are GREAT. I wanted to provide them with a luxurious experience reminding them that their dreams are tangible…and that women can support one another.”

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision”, and SheROCKS strives to provide the inspiration and resources needed for women to fiercely pursue creative entrepreneurial endeavors.

To view the full list of performances, for additional information on SheROCKS or to purchase tickets please visit Stay social, and follow SheROCKS via Facebook, and @SheRocksEvent on Twitter andInstagram. Please contact publicist with media or interview requests.

About SheROCKS
SheROCKS is the Washington metro and surrounding areas’ premiere Women’s History Month celebration, highlighting and honoring millennial women across the nation excelling in arts, music, fashion and business.


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