My Broccoli City Festival Lineup Playlist!

BC Festival 2016 Logo

Ticketfly tickets are sold out, but you can still buy tickets on other ticket websites! Location: St. Elizabeth East Gateway Pavilion 100 Alabama Ave SE Washington, DC Website: . I hope you guys bought your tickets because this is going to be one lit festival!

My Recap of BC Festival 2015

You can still BUY TICKETS on Vivid Seats link:  and

 Stub Hub! link:–elizabeth-east-gateway-pavilion-4-30-2016/event/9523108/

Ticket Office Sales link:|pcrid|90285919588|pkw|broccoli%20city%20festival%20ticket|pmt|b|pdv|c|&st-t=google&vt-k=broccoli%20city%20festival%20ticket&gclid=CjwKEAjw0KK4BRDCiKHD5Ny8pHESJACLE62088-Tb5vH7Amz8Jmw9COa74g5s99ajwinOX-ftrduIRoC6rLw_wcB


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